Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Cake Maternity Nursing Bra Review & $100 Gift Card GIVEAWAY!!!

Here at Mamalogues we try to feature a product we LOVE in every episode of our YouTube show. This week we are doing a $100 GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY from Cake Maternity!!  We are so excited to share our thoughts with you on the nursing bras we received from them.  Let's start by saying we were SHOCKED that they had our exact sizes with no issues.

Dani's size is pretty standard, 36B, but rarely do all 36B's fit on the first try. As we all know, no bra company creates their bras equally. Mary Beth, on the other hand, has a very difficult time finding the right bra, and sometimes needs a custom order. Thankfully, Cake Maternity had her correct size AND IT FIT PERFECTLY!!!

The next thing that struck us was how great these bras look and feel! They're super cute and they are even more comfortable. Dani recieved the Waffles 3d Spacer Contour Nursing Bra in black. Pictured below:

While it may be true that Dani is no longer nursing her children, she has A LOT of experience with uncomfortable and down right hideous nursing bras - you know the ones we're talking about! Cake Maternity's nursing bra is hands down THE BEST nursing bra Dani has ever worn.  So soft, and even sexy to wear. It's sad how often we feel un-sexy while nursing, so it was really heartwarming to see that Cake understands a nursing mama still wants to feel good about the lingerie she is wearing.

As we mentioned above, Mary Beth has a more difficult time finding the right bra because her size is less common.  She has an even harder time ensuring that those bras offer the appropriate back support and comfort, while also keeping her feeling sexy. Mary Beth was blown away by the Croissant Smoothing Flexi Wire Spacer Nursing Bra that she received in Beige, pictured below:

Did you notice the super cute lime colored accents? We did, too!! What a fun way to spice up a nursing bra, right??!!  Mary Beth loved the comfort and security she felt while wearing this bra which is super important to any mom that is pregnant like she is! She's already ordering more bras as we speak!!

Would you like to try out Cake Maternity's selection of nursing bras, maternity lingerie and more?? Well you are in luck because we are running a giveaway that ends on June 13th at 11:59pm.  What will you win? A $100 gift card to their website so you can order your very own bra, too!!! 

Hooray!!! Check out the link below to find all the ways you can enter our raffle and GOOD LUCK!!! 

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Dani and MB

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